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Newest Deviations

  • Sketch : 40 :points:
  • Clean Line art : 60 :points:
  • Flat Coloured : 100 :points:
  • Simple/Cell shading : 180 :points:
  • Detailed/Realistic shading : 310 :points:
  • Tack : + 20 :points:
  • Background : + 30 :points:
  • Simple Animation : + 70 :points:

Full body 
  • Sketch : 60 :points:
  • Clean Line art : 90 :points:
  • Flat Coloured : 130 :points:
  • Simple/Cell shading : 210 :points:
  • Detailed/Realistic shading : 350 :points:
  • Tack : + 40 :points:
  • Rider/handler : + 60 :points:
  • Background : + 50 :points:
  • Simple Animation : + 110 :points:

  • Custom Designs : 110 :points:
  • References : 200 :points:
  • Realistic human portraits : 290 :points:

NOTE me if you're interested. Provide me as much detail as you can. 
Decided on having a news journal where I update when I got something to say/ask..
Will be doing sketches and maybe even a drawing of some horses/people of the stables. 

Guys, guys.... IM NOT DEAD! I've actually been working on an animation in the few hours I have had of free time. 
I just wanted to remind you all of my inactivity AND of my show that is still running till OCTOBER 1st 

x Rose

Because Aithair gave me the idea and I love it :D 
I will tell you....
1.... something I learned about you by looking at your dA page.
2.... a color you remind me of.
3.... what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4.... which one of your OC's is my favorite.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. (please)
6..... something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8..... what am I doing right now.
9..... what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
10.... to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.

x Rose
:new: INFORMATION ABOUT ME XD stolen from Aithair 


Legit first name: Rochella
Middle name: I have non D:
Nickname: Cheese, Walrus, Rose/Roos, Fuckface, Rainbow, Roo 
Location: Nagele, the Netherlands
Age: 17 (almost 18, no not true, half a year to go D:) 
Height: 5'11 (jeez I'm tall xD)
Zodiac sign: Aquarius 
Any pets: 6 guinea pigs, fishes, 3 chickens. 
Favorite thing about yourself: Ehh do I have any? Nah I don't 
Worst habit: I have too many bad habits to choose one. 
Fun Random fact: I am mentally fucked up xD

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Gender identity: Girl 
Sexual preference: Women 
Relationship status: In a Relationship


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": I can do both, but I rather don't leave the bed at all xD
Bath or shower: Shower, I hate baths
First thought in the morning: 'Fuck not again'
Last thought before falling asleep at night: My girlfriend ^^ 


Do you work or are you a student: Student
What do you do well: History and languages 
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: University, last year of Master in History

Habits (Do you…?)

Drink: Only sometimes 
Smoke: No
Do Drugs: No
Exercise: I physically can't exercise much but I do 100 crunches each night. 
Have a go-to comfort food: any pasta except rice 
Have a nervous habit: I have lots... anxiety how fun. 

What is your favourite…?

Physical quality (in yourself): Pffff Fat? ehhh I think either eyes, hair or boobs XD 
In Others: Eyes and hair
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): I hate these questions, I feel like lying... EHH Guess I'm caring (clingy *cough*)
Food: I hate to eat all foods but I'll go for pasta 
Drink: Water
Animal: Any
Artist/Band/Group: Mayday Parade, atm that is (this changes quite a lot and I have many favourites) 
Author/Poet: Ehhh either Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark or James Patterson xD

So yeah if you still want to know anything about me; Go ahead and ask xD 


Sooo Maybe you guys have noted a spam from me (sorry!!) 
I was busy recounting all the stat points and I made everything neat and easy. That is also for my journals.. so a lot has happened and I apologize for the spam XD 

x Rose


Hey there guys, 

I know, I know... it's holiday, I have not been online much or at least I haven't drawn anything lately. My muse has been gone for a long time, drawing horses that is. BUT

Here I am again, going to draw lots (I hope). I got a part of my muse back because of this show! < here it is, go check it out, it's amazing and you can go ape-shit with colours! well doesn't that sound awesome?? INDEED GO GO GO! 

x Rose



:new: If no one else will get their entries in, I will have to cancel the show. 

Dear everybody!

Are you looking for a show, based on effort that will also provide young horses some experience in showing? Then you've come to the right place! See below what we offer in our new event :) 

We are back with a whole new event! There are lots of classes and of course; lots of fun. We would like to see you and your horses right here at Rose Garden. The weather will be nice most of the time but can be rainy, Welcome to the Netherlands people! 


Show name: Rose Garden Horse Event

Classes: Halter, 3DE, Foal Jumping, Free Jumping, Liberty  and Pas de Deux

:new: End date:  3 Oktober 2014 

Judging:  Effort



    ·         No premade line arts

    ·         No commissioned art works

    ·         All horses are allowed, no use of powers unless otherwise stated

    ·         Riders above 16, unless otherwise stated

    ·         Horses above 4 years, unless otherwise stated

    ·         Horses need an inspection picture for every class they enter!

    ·         Extra pictures will give more points to the total, collabs are welcome.

    ·         Number must be visible on the image and must be stated in the title


Basics of the facility may you need to look something up. Keep in mind that if you ride in the Outdoor you have to look at the map to see what the background will be. 

Our logo -> This is on lots of things around here.
Stable groundmap -> as it says, the information is in the descriptionbox 
Stable - Guests


First the inspection pictures. 
In this show you have to do an inspection picture for your horse. For example you have your horse Willy. You are entering in the Halter class and you are planning to do a Pas de deux with your other horse Mandy. 

You have to draw 1 inspection pic for Willy to be able to join the Halter Class. 
You will also have to draw 1 inspection pic for Willy AND for Mandy to be able to join the Pas de deux. 

Every horse needs 1 inspection picture for EVERY class you will be entering.  These inspections will be held in 
Indoor Arena the weather being stable. No sun, no rain, no wind. Calm but somewhat grey. 

now on to the classes; 


Stallions, Mares and foals are judged in their own classes. The horses will be judged on build and overall looks. Will be held in the  Indoor Arena.


Day 1; Cross Country

Appropriate attire is necessary. Will be held on our XC Course. Can choose from the following 20 obstacles set Weather will be nice but can be a bit cloudy.

Day 2; Dressage

Music is necessary and so is appropriate attire. Horse can show off any dressage movement. Will be held in the Outdoor Arena. The weather got better but the wind is still very strong.

Day 3; Show Jumping

Appropriate attire is necessary. Will be held in the Outdoor Arena. Can choose from the following obstacles:

 Coloured Cross jump

Blue water jump

Wooden jump

White filler

Red filler

Puissance Wall

Purple oxer

Bounce set + cyan triple

Green/white/orange Filler

Weather will be nice and light, no rain, no clouds.

Foal Jumping

Between  1-3 years of age. Can be joined by Dam. Will be held in the Outdoor Arena and jumps are 30cm of height.  Can choose from the following obstacles:

Coloured Cross jump

Blue water jump

Wooden jump

White filler

Red filler

Puissance Wall

Purple oxer

Bounce set + cyan triple

Green/white/orange Filler

The weather is windy and the sun will shine.


Free Jumping

Will be held in the  Indoor Arena . Can choose from the following obstacles:

Coloured Cross jump

Blue water jump

Wooden jump

White filler

Red filler

Puissance Wall

Purple oxer

Bounce set + cyan triple

Green/white/orange Filler

The weather will be rainy and windy with chances of thunderstorms.


Horses are to be turned loose, with or without bridle/halter. If the horse has powers/abilities they can be shown off, as long as it’s safe. Will be held in the Indoor Arena The weather will be calm and warm, though a bit cloudy.

Pas de Deux
Appropriate attire is a must, 2 horses and 2 riders. Music link has to be included. Collabs or just two horses of the same stables. Will be held in the Outdoor Arena. The weather will be nice and sunny, not too warm. 


As said this show is based on effort. Below is where you can get your points from.

Background: 10 points 
Originality: 20 points 
Shading: 10 points 
Following of rules: 10 points
Story(>100 words): 5 points

Total: 55 points

Extra pictures: +10 points per Picture. 
Collabs: + 5 points for every participant.

The total score will be  Points/55 *9 + 1,2



If you send me this form in a note, you are joining the event. When you do so it is expected that you complete the entries. You will get a number when you join, this must be visible on the picture and it must be in the title.

Stable name: 
Horse name + ref: 
Rider (name + age): 
Class(es) entering:

When you are done with the entry, send me another note with the link.

:new: The registered combinations will be shown here check if you have registered and don't forget the entries/inspection pictures. You can also check here if there are enough entries for a specific class... 


1st place;
    -          Ribbon (by Aithair )

    -          Simple Shaded sketchy full body

    -          10 :points:    
    -          Custom   RoanokeIsle horse (by DestinyNoel )

2nd place;

    -          Ribbon (by Aithair )

    -          Flat coloured sketchy full body

    -          5 :points: 

    -          One existing unowned RoanokeIsle horse (by DestinyNoel )

3rd place;
    -          Ribbon (by Aithair )

    -          flat coloured sketchy head shot

    -         1 :point: 

    -         Head shot of the winning horse (by DestinyNoel )

If anyone wants to donate; just comment below what you want to gift. 

#350 - Wildfire Handled by Noelle Casey (17) for Whispering Creek Stables 
#351 - SBS General Dysfunctionality  Handled by Reno (19) for Stable of the Soaring Bear
            - Inspection picture
            - Entry

#352 - SBS Reaching Heaven  Handled by Eicca (34) for Stable of the Soaring Bear
            - Inspection picture
            - Entry

Cross Country (3DE)
#205 - 1730 Sahsoras Ridden by Judith(18) for Akmuo Stables
            - Inspection picture 
            - Entry
#728 - Hund's Sweet Symphony Ridden by  Noelle Casey (17) for Whispering Creek Stables

Show Jumping (3DE)
#206 - MD Torino Ridden by Marc Brown (32)
#728 - Hund's Sweet Symphony Ridden by  Noelle Casey (17) for Whispering Creek Stables
#208 - RS Merida Ridden by Michael Pascher 

Dressage (3DE)
#205 - 1730 Sahsoras Ridden by Christian(24) for Akmuo Stables
#728 - Hund's Sweet Symphony Ridden by  Noelle Casey (17) for Whispering Creek Stables
#729 - SBS Mad Moxxi Ridden by Nijad (23) for Stable of the Soaring Bear 
            - Inspection Picture
            - Entry

#730 - SBS Death By Majesty  Ridden by Eicca (19) for Stable of the Soaring Bear
            - Inspection Picture
            - Entry 

Foal Jumping
#444 - RS Rosalie 

Free Jumping
#20 - SBS Karma Sutra  Handled by  Eicca (19) for Stable of the Soaring Bear
           - Inspection picture
           - Entry

#21 - RS Athan's Destiny  


#50 - OS Raphael Handled by Mathias (20) For Olympian Stables
#356 - Wildfire Handled by Noelle Casey (17) for Whispering Creek Stables 
#728 - Hund's Sweet Symphony Handled by Noelle Casey (17) for Whispering Creek Stables
            - Inspection picture
            - Entry

#725 - MD Degausser Handled by Emilie Deveraux (26)
#206 - MD Torino Handled by Marc Brown (32)
#727 - MD D'Yer Mak'er Handled by Vera Lynn (19)
#726 - MD Superman Handled by Charlotte St. Vincent (27)
#207 - MD Discomania handled by Fallyn Smith (31)
#302 - MD Ichigo Handled by Jay Flint (24)
#304 - MD Dahlia Handled by Samantha Watson (29)
#51 - SBS Versaci  Handled by Katrin (17) for Stable of the Soaring Bear


Pas de deux
- Normal: - Full body                                                       5 points
              - Partial body                                                   3 points
              - Portrait                                                         2 points 

- Cartoony: - Portrait                                                       1 point
                 - Partial body                                                 2 points 
                 - Full Body                                                     3 points

- Stick legged horse: -partial                                             5 points
                             -full body                                          7 points

- Chibi: - partial                                                              4 points 
           - full body                                                           6 points

- Sketches: - portrait                                                       1 point 
                 - Partial                                                        2 points 
                 - Full body                                                     3 points

Shading: -Cell shading                                                     +2 points 
             -Simple shading                                                 +4 points 
             -Realistic shading                                               +6 points

Background:  -Basic colours                                             +1 point
                  -Simple                                                      +3 points 
                  -Realistic                                                    +5 points

Tack:  - Bridle/halter only                                                 + 1 point
          - Saddle + bridle/halter                                           + 2 points 
          - Complete competition/training/pasture tack              + 3 points 

Rider :                                                                             + 1 point

Story: 50-200 words                                                          + 1 point
         >200 words                                                             + 2 points 
         >300 words                                                             + 3 points 
         >700 words                                                             + 6 points

Show entry :                                                                    + 4 points
                - first place                                                      + 3 points
                - second place                                                  + 2 points
                - third place                                                     + 1 point 
                - Simple (tail/ear)                                            + 3 points 
                - Complex (Body)                                             + 6 points

Offspring (with known mare/stallion): 6 points 
Offspring (with unknown mare/stallion): 5 points

Explanation of Stars
Every horse starts with Empty stars. Each star is worth 5 points.
If say you made a drawing with 10 points you'd get to fill 2 stars. To choose which aspect you get to fill first, 
you go to the Random Generator at and type in 1 to 5. The number you get is the aspect you fill first. 
You do the same after 1 aspect is filled. Only you put in 1 to 4 instead. And so on. 

1. Speed; No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
2. Agility;  No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
3. Endurance;  No StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
4. Strength;  No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
5. Intelligence; No StarNo StarNo StarNo Star

If the horse has all stars full it upgrades in Rank and has to again fill the stars. 

When the stars haven't been filled yet.
When the stars have been filled once. 

Stars have to be filled twice 

Stars have to be filled three times 

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