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deviation in storage by Sifra-stock
Running: 27th of December to 1st of March
Event Type: mixed
Class/Classes: Halter, Liberty, Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country, Free Jumping, Endurance  
Restrictions: Non 
Judge Type: Effort 

Hello ladies and gentlemen looking at this. 

We at Rose Garden wanted to host a show. This time it's a mini show to celebrate the new year. We have multiple classes and there's something for everyone! Horses and ponies, children and adults> we're all going to have fun on this little event. 
Take a look around! 
We hope to see you there. 

If you want to Enter
You have two choices when you want to enter this show: 
1) Don't pre-register and put the following in the description of the entry 
                                Horse ref: 
                                Rider (not for liberty, halter and Free Jumping):
                                Stable (if you have one): 
If you did this, then note me with the link to the entry. 


2) Fill in the form below and NOTE me to enter this show. 

In the subject box > Registration Mini show. 
In the message > 
                                Horse ref: 
                                Rider (not for liberty, halter and Free Jumping):
                                Stable (if you have one): 
Here are the rules for the entries and the show itself. 

:bulletred: Do not use premade line arts, commissioned work or photos 
:bulletred: Do not use special powers given to your horse
:bulletred: Not following the rules will give you penalty points.
:bulletred: Manipulations are not allowed at this show
:bulletred: Showing gore/injuries is not allowed in this show. 

:bulletgreen: Riders can be of all ages 
:bulletgreen: All horses are allowed to compete unless otherwise stated
:bulletgreen: Collabs are allowed and will give more points
:bulletgreen: Please follow the rules stated at the classes. 
:bulletgreen: Bareback/tackless is allowed unless otherwise stated
:bulletgreen: Accidents are allowed to happen, if there is not too much gore. 
:bulletgreen: Portrait shots are fine but will not give as many points. 
:bulletgreen: Backgrounds are not necessary

If there's any questions : please ask me (WhingedDreamingRose

Everything about our facility that you might want to use is stated below. 

It's cold in the Netherlands, keep that in mind. The rest of the weather details will be shown at the classes. 
The arena where everything will be held > Indoor arena
The stable grounds > RGS - Stable Grounds

If there is anything else you can look here (like obstacles and what they look like) > Rose Garden Stables
Still not sure? > Ask me (WhingedDreamingRose

Let your horse show its personality through movement! 
NO AGE RESTRICTION > foals are allowed to enter. Foals under 2 years old must be accompanied by a mare. 
The weather will be clear and sunny.

Time to play or show off. What will it be for your horse? 
Music is necessary for this class. 
The weather will be foggy. 

Kür on music, any gait can be shown. Piaffe and Pirouette can be shown as well. 
Music is necessary for this class. 
Bareback is not allowed in this class. Hackamores are. 
The weather will be foggy. 

Show Jumping
The obstacles are shown under the Facility header. You can show either approach, 
take off, mid air or landing.
Jumps will range from 1.10m to 1.40m
It will be raining. 

Cross Country
The obstacles are shown under the Facility header. Obstacles range from 1m to 1.40m. 
Can show any part of the course. 
Bareback and hackamores are not allowed in this class.
The weather will be sunny and it might even rain. 

Free Jumping 
The obstacles are shown under the Facility header. You can show either approach, 
take off, mid air or landing.
This is excellent for the younger horses or inexperienced horses. 
It will be foggy but sometimes the sun will shine through, chance of rain. 

It will take you through the gorgeous landscape, through the woods, over the beach and again through the hills. 
You can show your horse during the ride or during the checkpoints. 
Limited distance ride, 50km long. 
It will be snowy and there will be a thick mist.

It will be based on effort, you can get points for the following. 
You can get a maximum of 25 points 

:bulletblue: Following the rules > 2 
:bulletblue: Training images > max 3
:bulletblue: Pose > max 5 
:bulletblue: Story > 2 
:bulletblue: Effort compared to gallery > 3 
:bulletblue: Promoting > 1 
:bulletblue: Other contestants in picture > max 4
:bulletblue: Background > 2
:bulletblue: Previous show winnings (1st/2nd/3rd/special titles) > max 3

Ribbons are given to the official colours based on the Netherlands. I'm aware that this is different for others

Grand Champion 
:bulletyellow: 30 points
:bulletyellow: Detailed Full body of horse
:bulletyellow: Red/white/blue Ribbon 

Reserve Champion 
:bulletyellow: 25 points 
:bulletyellow: Detailed portrait of horse 
:bulletyellow: White/blue/green Ribbon 

1st place 
:bulletyellow: 20 points 
:bulletyellow: Cell shaded full body of horse
:bulletyellow: Orange Ribbon 

2nd place 
:bulletyellow: 10 points 
:bulletyellow: Cell shaded portrait of horse 
:bulletyellow: Red Ribbon 

3rd place 
:bulletyellow: 5 points 
:bulletyellow: Flat coloured portrait of horse
:bulletyellow: White Ribbon 

4th place 
:bulletyellow: Blue Ribbon 

5th place 
:bulletyellow: Green Ribbon 

6th place
:bulletyellow: Pink Ribbon 
Every three months I'll hold a free commission giveaway. 
The idea of this is that people get a chance to win a free portrait of their choice, by just saying they want/appreciate one. The random generator will decide who won. This is great for the people with less points and for me to practice (: I hope you like this idea and stay tuned (: 

you can enter by saying you want to in the comments below (:

Winner of the December commission: xAcorn

Prove of winning: Untitled-1
Portrait : December commission

Winner of the March commission: //
Prove of winning: //
Portrait : //



Before you order a commission please read this journal carefully. 

:bulletblue: WHAT YOU CAN ORDER
Untitled-2 by WhingedDreamingRose

* You only pay this if you want Tack, not for every piece of tack.

:bulletblue: HOW TO ORDER


If you want to order, please NOTE me based on the information in this journal.

In the title please put : Commission Order.
In the body of the note, state what you want. Take a look at the things below and above if you are not exactly sure what to do. You can also just copy paste what you want from this journal. I’ll understand.

I will respond as soon as possible (mostly takes a day) and we will make sure that you want this and that there are no doubts. You will then have to pay me before I start drawing the desired commission. I will not start until I have been paid.

To pay, send the notes with the same title :
Commission Order.
I need to be able to check it off so make things easy for both of us, please.

:bulletblue: JUST SOME RULES


:bulletgreen: Tell me what you want. (full body, portrait, background)

:bulletgreen: Tell me if you want any extras. (extra characters, tack, background)

:bulletgreen: Send the reference(S) in links of EVERY character.

:bulletgreen: Tell me if there’s any specialty to the commission or the characters.

:bulletgreen: Tell me if you have any preferences (poses, background, mood, anything)

:bulletgreen: Pay the points BEFORE I paint the picture. But please only send the points after you’ve heard from me.



:bulletred: Complain about my prices.

:bulletred: Complain about the time needed to complete the commission.

:bulletred: Leave out information and be incomplete.

:bulletred: Pay me AFTER I finished the drawing. (if something’s wrong we’ll discuss having a discount)

:bulletred: Be anything but nice. Don’t like me? Fine but be kind.  

:bulletred: Ask me to make something that is not in the list, I do not do those things. 


RGS - Stable Grounds by WhingedDreamingRose
Welcome at Rose Garden Stables, 
In this journal we do our administration and special things about the facility. Feel free to take a look at our horses and their statistics, if you click on the thumbnail shown you will see the full information about the horse. We are a small stable, with a capability of having 20 horses max. We want to train those horses to the best level in their own discipline. We train in Show Jumping, Dressage and Cross Country, we even have place for Eventing horses. If you have questions about our stable, please feel free to contact us! 
If you have a show with a deadline not to close (at anytime) you can invite us and we'll take a look and sponsor or take place in it. 

About the facility
As told we are not that big, but we do have/want/strive for the best for our horses. Take a look below to see the facility. This can be useful for shows, training pictures, or just when you come and visit (If you are interested please contact WhingedDreamingRose)

Our logo is on the competition pads. 
Stable groundmap -> as it says, the information is in the descriptionbox 

Outdoor it's about the arena, the surroundings are not the same!


Show Jumping Obstacles:

Cross Country Obstacles: 

Name: Kelsey Falagio
Age: 18 yrs old
Gender: Female
Discipline: Show Jumping

Name: Rosalie Godtardd
Age: 18 yrs old
Gender: Female
Discipline: Dressage

Name: Clive Devin
Age: 22 yrs old
Gender: Male
Discipline: Cross Country

Name: Ellie Sammons 
Age: 21 yrs old 
Gender: Female 
Discipline: Eventing 

Show Jumping under Kelsey Falagio
RGS Je ne Regrette Rien by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: Je ne Regrette Rien
Stable name: Regret
Breed: Dutch Warmblood
Gender: Mare
Age: 5 yrs old
Height: 15.4 hh
Total: 172 
Rank: Novice

RGS Diya Al Din by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Diya al Din
Stable name: Diya
Breed: Thoroughbred
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 yrs old
Height: 16.5 hh
Total: 123
Rank: Novice

Dressage under Rosalie Godtardd
RGS Papilionem Basia by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Papilionem Basia
Stable Name: Liona
Breed: Arabian
Gender: Mare
Age: 4yrs
Height: 14.6hh
Total: 66
Rank: Beginner

RGS Kiss'em or leave'em by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Kiss'em and Leave'em
Stable name: Kiss
Breed: Selle Francais
Gender: Stallion
Age: 4 yrs old
Height: 16.1 hh
Total: 136
Rank: Novice

Cross Country under Clive Devin
RGS Here's the Proof by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Here's the Proof
Stable name: Hix
Breed: Pure Kateria Horse
Gender: Mare
Age: 5 yrs old
Height: 15 hh
Total: 40
Rank:  :trophy::trophy: Bronze level 

RGS Last Cheque Cashed by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Last Cheque Cashed
Stable name: Cash
Breed: Pure Joadja-Brumby
Gender: Stallion
Age: 4 yrs old
Height: 14.6 hh
Total: 86
Rank: Beginner

Eventing under Ellie Sammons
142 RGS Call me Classy by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Call me Classy
Stable Name: Kyra
ID: #142
Breed: Pure Capuchino Sport Horse
Gender: Mare
Age: 5yrs
Height: 16 hh
Total: 42
Rank: Beginner

RGS Kaptar Szenvedely by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Kapt�r Szenved�ly
Stable name: Kapt�r
Breed: Pure PrairieWarmblood
Gender: Stallion 
Age: 8 yrs 
Height: 16.2 hh 
Total: 26
Rank: :star: 

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