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Autumn ride by WhingedDreamingRose
Autumn ride
So I decided to do a your horse here, autumn picture (: 
:new: Sold 

I am quite proud of this background an the shading on the neck xD tried something different for this drawing, it quite worked out. 


- Starting bid is 100 :points: 
- Reply to highest offer, only on my thread. 
- Has to be raised with a minimum of 10 :points: 


Highest offer: 180 EmeraldTheWolf 

Horse/rider reference by ByMelody Bareback stock 15
Well hello there by WhingedDreamingRose
Well hello there
Commission for Aithair of her lovely Loughnatousa Silver (Dolly) the wonderful lady I didn't get right in colour XD Anyway it was a pleasure drawing this and it wasn't supposed to be realistic but oh well. 

I love this, only I hate the BG but that's okay :D 

Hope the lovely Aithair likes it ^^ 

Feel free to comment on how to improve my style or to make it quicker XD
Good day to you, dear reader. 

We, the staff from Rose Garden Stables, have some terrific yet sad news. We are sad to let so many experienced or inexperienced potential top-horses go but we have to admit that this isn't working as it should be. 

Since we have been expanding our stables, we've not been able to give our horses as much exercise as they would like. Therefore we are selling a big part of our horses, to make sure that they find a career that they deserve. The horses below are up for sales, you can bid as if you want. If you have a different offer then feel free to try and negotiate. 

For more information about the horse, click on the thumbnail (: 


1. RGS Soul of the Dark by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Soul of the Dark 
Stable Name: Sora
Breed: Joadja-Brumby (
Gender: Mare
Age: 4yrs
Height: 14.1hh
Colour/Genotype: Non fading black EE/aa
Markings: None
Bloodlines: Starter x Starter
PRICE ASKED = 400 :points: 

2. RGS Madalena Leija by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Madalena Leija 
Stable Name: Maddy
Breed: Warmblood
Gender: Mare
Age: 4yrs
Height: 16.3 hh
Colour/Genotype: Champagne EE/AA/Ff/CrCr *flaxen carrier*
Markings: White face, stocking, sock
Bloodlines: Starter x Starter
PRICE ASKED = 450 :points: 

3. RGS Lovely Vengeance by WhingedDreamingRose 
Name: RGS Lovely Vengeance
Stable Name: Venny
Breed: Friesian
Gender: Mare
Age: 7 yrs
Height: 17 hh
Colour/Genotype: Black EE/aa
Markings: none
Bloodlines: Starter x Starter
PRICE ASKED : 300 :points: 

4. RGS Afternoon Delight by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Afternoon Delight
Stable Name: Delight
Breed: Thoroughbred
Gender: Mare
Age: 2 yrs
Height: will be 17.2 hh
Colour/Genotype: Dark Bay Tobiano Ee/AA/TOn
Markings: Stripe, coronet, sock
Bloodlines: Unknown Tobiano x RGS Diya al Din
PRICE ASKED : 600 :points: 

5. RGS Seemingly Surprised by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Seemingly Surprised
Stable Name: Sammy
Breed: pure Naedenrek ( 
Gender: Mare
Age: 6yrs
Height: 15 hh
Colour/Genotype: Black steampunk on buckskin spotted blanket - SpkblkEe/AA/nCr/nLp
Markings: see ref. 
Bloodlines: Starter x Starter
PRICE ASKED : 560 :points: 


1. RGS Prayer of the Refugee by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Prayer of the Refugee
Stable Name: Pray
Breed: Warmblood x Arabian
Gender: Stallion
Age: 3 yrs
Height: will be 15.2 hh
Colour/Genotype: Red Dun ee/aa/DD
Markings: Stripe, coronet, sock
Bloodlines: Unknown Dun x RGS I'll be your Huckleberry
PRICE ASKED : 500 :points: 

2. RGS Keeper of Silence by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Keeper of Silence
Stable Name: Silence
Breed: Arabian
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6 yrs
Height: 15.8 hh
Colour/Genotype: Grey EE/GG
Markings: Dapples
Bloodlines: Starter x Starter
PRICE ASKED : 250 :points: 

3. RGS I'll be yer Huckleberry by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS I'll be yer Huckleberry 
Stable Name: Ibby
Breed: Anglo-Arabian
Gender: Stallion 
Age: 5 yrs
Height: 15.7 hh
Colour/Genotype: Chestnut ee/aa 
Markings: white face markings, sock and stocking
Bloodlines: Starter x Starter
PRICE ASKED : 350 :points: 

4. RGS SugarCoated Misery by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS SugarCoated Misery
Stable Name: Sugar
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Stallion
Age: 8 yrs
Height: 16.7 hh
Colour/Genotype: Bucksin EE/AA/Crn
Markings: Star
Bloodlines: Starter x Starter
PRICE ASKED : 450 :points:

  • Mood: Pity
  • Sketch : 40 :points:
  • Clean Line art : 60 :points:
  • Flat Coloured : 100 :points:
  • Simple/Cell shading : 180 :points:
  • Detailed/Realistic shading : 310 :points:
  • Tack : + 20 :points:
  • Background : + 30 :points:
  • Simple Animation : + 70 :points:

Full body 
  • Sketch : 60 :points:
  • Clean Line art : 90 :points:
  • Flat Coloured : 130 :points:
  • Simple/Cell shading : 210 :points:
  • Detailed/Realistic shading : 350 :points:
  • Tack : + 40 :points:
  • Rider/handler : + 60 :points:
  • Background : + 50 :points:
  • Simple Animation : + 110 :points:

  • Custom Designs : 110 :points:
  • References : 200 :points:
  • Realistic human portraits : 290 :points:

NOTE me if you're interested. Provide me as much detail as you can. 
Decided on having a news journal where I update when I got something to say/ask.. < ONLINEEEEE 
Guys, guys.... IM NOT DEAD! I've actually been working on an animation in the few hours I have had of free time. 
I just wanted to remind you all of my inactivity AND of my show that is still running till OCTOBER 1st 

x Rose

Because Aithair gave me the idea and I love it :D 
I will tell you....
1.... something I learned about you by looking at your dA page.
2.... a color you remind me of.
3.... what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4.... which one of your OC's is my favorite.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. (please)
6..... something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8..... what am I doing right now.
9..... what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
10.... to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.

x Rose
:new: INFORMATION ABOUT ME XD stolen from Aithair 


Legit first name: Rochella
Middle name: I have non D:
Nickname: Cheese, Walrus, Rose/Roos, Fuckface, Rainbow, Roo 
Location: Nagele, the Netherlands
Age: 17 (almost 18, no not true, half a year to go D:) 
Height: 5'11 (jeez I'm tall xD)
Zodiac sign: Aquarius 
Any pets: 6 guinea pigs, fishes, 3 chickens. 
Favorite thing about yourself: Ehh do I have any? Nah I don't 
Worst habit: I have too many bad habits to choose one. 
Fun Random fact: I am mentally fucked up xD

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Gender identity: Girl 
Sexual preference: Women 
Relationship status: In a Relationship


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": I can do both, but I rather don't leave the bed at all xD
Bath or shower: Shower, I hate baths
First thought in the morning: 'Fuck not again'
Last thought before falling asleep at night: My girlfriend ^^ 


Do you work or are you a student: Student
What do you do well: History and languages 
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: University, last year of Master in History

Habits (Do you…?)

Drink: Only sometimes 
Smoke: No
Do Drugs: No
Exercise: I physically can't exercise much but I do 100 crunches each night. 
Have a go-to comfort food: any pasta except rice 
Have a nervous habit: I have lots... anxiety how fun. 

What is your favourite…?

Physical quality (in yourself): Pffff Fat? ehhh I think either eyes, hair or boobs XD 
In Others: Eyes and hair
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): I hate these questions, I feel like lying... EHH Guess I'm caring (clingy *cough*)
Food: I hate to eat all foods but I'll go for pasta 
Drink: Water
Animal: Any
Artist/Band/Group: Mayday Parade, atm that is (this changes quite a lot and I have many favourites) 
Author/Poet: Ehhh either Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark or James Patterson xD

So yeah if you still want to know anything about me; Go ahead and ask xD 


Sooo Maybe you guys have noted a spam from me (sorry!!) 
I was busy recounting all the stat points and I made everything neat and easy. That is also for my journals.. so a lot has happened and I apologize for the spam XD 

x Rose


Hey there guys, 

I know, I know... it's holiday, I have not been online much or at least I haven't drawn anything lately. My muse has been gone for a long time, drawing horses that is. BUT

Here I am again, going to draw lots (I hope). I got a part of my muse back because of this show! < here it is, go check it out, it's amazing and you can go ape-shit with colours! well doesn't that sound awesome?? INDEED GO GO GO! 

x Rose



- Normal: - Full body                                                       5 points
              - Partial body                                                   3 points
              - Portrait                                                         2 points 

- Cartoony: - Portrait                                                       1 point
                 - Partial body                                                 2 points 
                 - Full Body                                                     3 points

- Stick legged horse: -partial                                             5 points
                             -full body                                          7 points

- Chibi: - partial                                                              4 points 
           - full body                                                           6 points

- Sketches: - portrait                                                       1 point 
                 - Partial                                                        2 points 
                 - Full body                                                     3 points

Shading: -Cell shading                                                     +2 points 
             -Simple shading                                                 +4 points 
             -Realistic shading                                               +6 points

Background:  -Basic colours                                             +1 point
                  -Simple                                                      +3 points 
                  -Realistic                                                    +5 points

Tack:  - Bridle/halter only                                                 + 1 point
          - Saddle + bridle/halter                                           + 2 points 
          - Complete competition/training/pasture tack              + 3 points 

Rider :                                                                             + 1 point

Story: 50-200 words                                                          + 1 point
         >200 words                                                             + 2 points 
         >300 words                                                             + 3 points 
         >700 words                                                             + 6 points

Show entry :                                                                    + 4 points
                - first place                                                      + 3 points
                - second place                                                  + 2 points
                - third place                                                     + 1 point 
                - Simple (tail/ear)                                            + 3 points 
                - Complex (Body)                                             + 6 points

Offspring (with known mare/stallion): 6 points 
Offspring (with unknown mare/stallion): 5 points

Explanation of Stars
Every horse starts with Empty stars. Each star is worth 5 points.
If say you made a drawing with 10 points you'd get to fill 2 stars. To choose which aspect you get to fill first, 
you go to the Random Generator at and type in 1 to 5. The number you get is the aspect you fill first. 
You do the same after 1 aspect is filled. Only you put in 1 to 4 instead. And so on. 

1. Speed; No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
2. Agility;  No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
3. Endurance;  No StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
4. Strength;  No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
5. Intelligence; No StarNo StarNo StarNo Star

If the horse has all stars full it upgrades in Rank and has to again fill the stars. 

When the stars haven't been filled yet.
When the stars have been filled once. 

Stars have to be filled twice 

Stars have to be filled three times 
RGS - Stable Grounds by WhingedDreamingRose
Welcome at Rose Garden Stables, 
In this journal we do our administration and special things about the facility. Feel free to take a look at our horses and their statistics, if you click on the thumbnail shown you will see the full information about the horse. We are a small stable, with a capability of having 20 horses max. We want to train those horses to the best level in their own discipline. We train in Show Jumping, Dressage and Cross Country, we even have place for Eventing horses. If you have questions about our stable, please feel free to contact us! 
If you have a show with a deadline not to close (at anytime) you can invite us and we'll take a look and sponsor or take place in it. 

About the facility
As told we are not that big, but we do have/want/strive for the best for our horses. Take a look below to see the facility. This can be useful for shows, training pictures, or just when you come and visit (If you are interested please contact WhingedDreamingRose)

Our logo is on the competition pads. 
Stable groundmap -> as it says, the information is in the descriptionbox 



Show Jumping Obstacles:

Cross Country Obstacles: 

RGS Trainer - Kelsey Falagio by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: Kelsey Falagio
Age: 18 yrs old
Gender: Female
Discipline: Show Jumping

RGS Trainer - Rosalie Godtardd by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: Rosalie Godtardd
Age: 18 yrs old
Gender: Female
Discipline: Dressage

RGS Trainer - Clive Devin by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: Clive Devin
Age: 22 yrs old
Gender: Male
Discipline: Cross Country

RGS Trainer - Ellie Sammons by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: Ellie Sammons 
Age: 21 yrs old 
Gender: Female 
Discipline: Eventing 

Show Jumping under Kelsey Falagio
RGS Je ne Regrette Rien by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: Je ne Regrette Rien
Stable name: Regret
Breed: Dutch Warmblood
Gender: Mare
Age: 5 yrs old
Height: 15.4 hh
Total: 172 
Rank: Novice

RGS Diya Al Din by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Diya al Din
Stable name: Diya
Breed: Thoroughbred
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 yrs old
Height: 16.5 hh
Total: 106
Rank: Novice

Dressage under Rosalie Godtardd
RGS Papilionem Basia by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Papilionem Basia
Stable Name: Liona
Breed: Arabian
Gender: Mare
Age: 4yrs
Height: 14.6hh
Total: 50
Rank: Beginner

RGS Kiss'em or leave'em by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Kiss'em and Leave'em
Stable name: Kiss
Breed: Selle Francais
Gender: Stallion
Age: 4 yrs old
Height: 16.1 hh
Total: 119
Rank: Novice

Cross Country under Clive Devin
RGS Here's the Proof by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Here's the Proof
Stable name: Hix
Breed: Pure Kateria Horse
Gender: Mare
Age: 5 yrs old
Height: 15 hh
Total: 40
Rank:  :trophy::trophy: Bronze level 

RGS Last Cheque Cashed by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Last Cheque Cashed
Stable name: Cash
Breed: Pure Joadja-Brumby
Gender: Stallion
Age: 4 yrs old
Height: 14.6 hh
Total: 86
Rank: Beginner

Eventing under Ellie Sammons
142 RGS Call me Classy by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Call me Classy
Stable Name: Kyra
ID: #142
Breed: Pure Capuchino Sport Horse
Gender: Mare
Age: 5yrs
Height: 16 hh
Total: 42
Rank: Beginner

RGS Kaptar Szenvedely by WhingedDreamingRose
Name: RGS Kapt�r Szenved�ly
Stable name: Kapt�r
Breed: Pure PrairieWarmblood
Gender: Stallion 
Age: 8 yrs 
Height: 16.2 hh 
Total: 22
Rank: :star: 

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